Liberty Lake woman teaches virtual guitar and ukulele lessons

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — When Savannah Criddle is teaching guitar and ukulele, she’s ‘Savannah Strums’ and offers lessons at any level to students of all ages.

On a normal day, she works at a chocolate shop in Liberty Lake and teaches music on the side.

But because of COVID-19, she was laid off from that job and is now teaching guitar and ukulele full time on Zoom.

Since people have been stuck at home, she’s had some new students and has more starting soon.

“I actually just started teaching a school teacher who isn’t working right now because of the coronavirus and she wanted to learn ukulele,” said Criddle. “And then I have kids as young as 5-years-old I’m also teaching. I always say I teach from the ages of 5 to 105. Anywhere in between.”

She said it’s been interesting finding out what works and what doesn’t, since she can’t be right there with her students as they learn.

But she’s making it work and says her existing students are adjusting.

She teaches based on what the student wants to learn, whether that’s basic chords or how to strum a song.

Savannah hopes to give people something fun to do while they’re at home and says music has been a great de-stressor and boost of confidence for her students so far.

“I feel like the whole world is kind of stressed out right now just with everything going on,” said Criddle. “And whether it’s kids wanting to learn something while they’re not in school or parents who just need a break from being a teacher full-time now and they’re not used to that, i think guitar and ukulele are great options for that.”

She still has some open spots available — all you need is a guitar or ukulele, something you want to learn and $11 for a 30 minute lesson.

Savannah Strums

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