Liberty Lake teacher travels by golf cart to help families navigate online learning

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — School is going to look a lot different this fall semester.

With so much still uncertain about the coronavirus, many parents are worried about letting their kids back on campus. When it comes to virtual learning, that’s a whole other challenge.

One Liberty Lake teacher is hoping to make that transition a little smoother.

Angela Wilbanks has been teaching for nearly eight years. She moved to Liberty Lake back in March, hoping to find work as a substitute teacher.

When COVID hit, plans changed.

“A friend suggested that I just begin tutoring but then I decided to actually make it a little bit bigger,” said Wilbanks.

A big idea — sparked by a tiny little golf cart.

“I just decided to make it into the traveling teacher to go around and help parents because there’s going to be a lot of stress this school year,” she said.

She posted her idea on the Liberty Lake Community Facebook page and things pretty much took off from there.

“In less than a week I’ve probably had 150 parents reach out to me,” said Wilbanks.

Wilbanks plans to offer packages ranging from 3 hour sessions once a week, to every day instruction if needed.

“I think it’s very important to have a teacher there and not just a babysitter,” she said.

She can help kids K-12 with homework, lesson plans, as well as weekly check-ins with teachers.

“Not just someone making sure they’re getting their school work done, but someone that’s actually there helping them understand their lessons,” Wilbanks said.

To learn more about The Traveling Teacher, you can visit her Facebook page HERE.