Liberty Lake one step closer to clean water

The latest round of water tests in Liberty Lake have not ended the boil advisory there, but an end may be in sight.

Crews have been checking water samples daily, and the latest one from Tuesday afternoon came back completely clean.

Liberty Lake Water and Sewer said another round of samples will come out Wednesday afternoon.
If it comes back clean again, then the city will begin the process to lift the water advisory.

Barbara Garner has lived in Liberty Lake for 18 years now.

For the first time ever, she has to be careful when doing some of her routine daily tasks.

“I’m being very careful about brushing my teeth, and I have to remember to get a bottle of water before I use tap water,” Garner said.

She’s hoping the advisory is lifted before Thanksgiving, because her traditional potatoes aren’t made with any ordinary recipe.

She said it would be different to have to boil a tremendous amount of water to make them.

Garner said washing dishes has been somewhat of a struggle as she has to use bleach to get them clean.

But, she’ll do whatever it takes before considering plastic plates on a holiday.

“I’m using my dishes it’s a holiday; have to have your good china!” Garner said.