Lewiston Police warn of detective impersonator phone scam

Lewiston Police warn of detective impersonator phone scam
Police investigating Wrangler Bar shooting in Lewiston

The Lewiston Police Department warns the public of a new phone scam where a man claiming to be a detective for the department is asking for money.

Lewiston Police say they’ve received three phone calls from citizens who use the website “plentyoffish.com”, an online dating site, reportedly being contacted by someone impersonating a detective.

The man claims he is an investigator and is investigating a crime involving an underage female. In order to avoid being charged with a crime, the person being called is asked to send the detective money, around $2,100, through Walmart. The impersonator also tells those he has contacted that the money will go toward therapy for the 15-year-old girl and keep the sender from being arrested and charged.

LPD wants everybody to know that this is a scam and that law enforcement will never call and ask for money.

If you receive this type of phone call, do not provide any personal information and hang up the phone. You can call LPD’s non-emergency number to verify if a real detective is attempting to contact you at (208) 746-0171.