Lewis and Clark students join national protest

Students across Spokane joined the nation in Friday’s National Walkout Day, leaving class to march for tougher gun laws.

Just after 10 a.m., students from Lewis and Clark High School filled downtown sidewalks – holding signs and chanting “together we can, united we stand” and “no more fear.”

“It’s just the breaking point for all of us,” said LC junior Caroline Slater. “We need change. People are dying everyday.”

Some marched toward city hall for a different reason. Isaac Engle and his friends left class Friday to defend their Second Amendment rights.

“We want to represent not only diversity of opinions, but we believe taking away or adjusting Second Amendment rights is not the right path to preventing things that can happen, such as the shootings,” Engle said.

The student protestors stopped outside city hall where Kai Koerber, a student who survived the Parkland shooting in Florida, addressed the group.

“We, our generation are the wildcard. We are here to hold the adults accountable,” Koeber said. “You want to stay in power? Then you better put laws on the books that include universal background checks and assault weapons restrictions.”

Several students said thoughts and prayers are not bulletproof, and many warned that if their voices were not heard, their votes would be.