Let’s Go Yeti: Spokane School Board to vote on new middle school mascots

SPOKANE, Wash – A new generation of Spokane students could soon be cheering for the Yasuhara Middle School Yeti. That’s one of two new mascots being considered for the new middle schools.

The Spokane Public Schools board will hear an update on all things related to the new middle schools at its meeting Wednesday night.

Among the decisions to be made: choosing new colors and mascots for the two schools that are currently under construction.

Pauline Flett Middle School will serve students in northwest Spokane and is expected to open this fall.

Denny Yashuara Middle School students will come from northeast Spokane and is also on track to open this fall.

The new Carla Peperzak Middle School will open a year later and serve students on the South Hill. Sacajawea Middle School is being renovated, as well.

Wednesday, the board will consider recommendations for the schools opening this fall.

When choosing mascots and colors, the board is to consider the spirit of the school and the community and find a mascot that encourages pride and energy. The district also pledges to avoid representation or association with stereotypes or weapons.

The committee suggests the Yasuhara Middle School Yeti as a mascot, saying it’s unique and was the top selection in a student survey. It represents strength.

The board will consider, also, the Flett Middle School Riverhawks. The committee says it reflects the school design, the location near the Spokane River, it’s namesake and the region.

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