Less traffic, fewer red light tickets in Spokane in March

Fewer drivers in Spokane during the COVID-19 shutdown means fewer drivers have been caught speeding on the the city's red light and photo speed cameras
Spokane's new photo-red cameras will start taking pictures of cars running red lights on Wednesday morning.

SPOKANE, Wash – The COVID-19 shutdown has meant fewer cars on the road since mid-March in Spokane; that means fewer people have received tickets for speeding through school zones and red light camera

From March 1 to March 31, 1,212 people received tickets for running red lights. That’s 322 less than last year in the same time frame. The most tickets came from the intersection of Browne and Sprague; 207 tickets came from that camera. The second was Freya and Third, followed by Division and Sprague, then Hamilton and Mission.

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Photo speed cameras, which catch speeders in school zones, were shut off in mid-March when schools were cancelled. That led to a reduction of 1,002 tickets compared to March 2019.

627 people were caught speeding through those school zones in the first two weeks of March. Most were at Longfellow Elementary School, where 334 violators were caught. Speed cameras at Willard and Finch Elementary Schools caught about half that number of speeders.

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