Lem’s Pops team up with Beck’s Harvest House, Easter Bunny to deliver chocolate bunnies to local kids

Lems Chocolate Bunnies
Credit: Lem's Pops

SPOKANE, Wash. — When Beck’s Harvest House made the decision to cancel their upcoming Easter egg hunt, they didn’t know what to do with all of the chocolate bunnies they were planning to hand out to kids.

That’s when Lem’s Pops stepped in. The local ice cream truck, started by 5-year-old Lemyn and her “pops,” offered to deliver the treats to other children around Spokane.

“We thought it would be the perfect way to hand deliver to the kids,” said her mother Sarah Welliver.

The only thing they were missing was the Easter Bunny. The good folks at Top Shots Photo Studio called him and he agreed to help out.

Lem’s Pops will cruise different neighborhoods across Spokane in the coming days, tossing chocolate bunnies to kids in order to maintain a safe distance.

Keep your bunny ears open! The truck will be playing “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail.’

The fun begins Thursday in the Garland District and Shadle Park area.