Lee the ‘corner’ stone of Eastern’s defense

Eagles win 52-51 thriller over Bobcats

It’s no secret that Eastern Washington has one of the best receiving corps in the country, that only gets better every time they go head-to-head with cornerback TJ Lee.

“Every time you’re lining up against him in a 1-on-1 drill, you’re lining up against an all league corner, and we have some very good corners in this conference,” said Eagles head coach Beau Baldwin. “To have that everyday at practice and be able to see that is great for our guys.”

A unanimous pre-season All-Big Sky selection, expectations are high for the junior. His Approach? Do the little things and keep your head.

“Stay mentally sharp and have energy out there for the younger guys and the defense, and just keep doing what I’ve been doing,” says Lee. “He’s a great talent on the field and I expect a huge year from him in that way, but on top of that he brings great emotion, that’s the thing I always notice about him,” added Baldwin.

Lee the ‘corner’ stone of Eastern’s defense

Like any great corner, Lee has confidence in himself, and his team, going into the season opener against Idaho. “I’m personal friends with a lot of those guys so its going to be a big win for us once we do pull it off and I can’t wait,” Lee said.

Lee is also comfortable with the progress made by fellow juniors Bo Schuetzle and Ronald Baines, answering any questions they might have going into Thursday’s game. “Most of it its about coverages or what would I do in certain situations,” says Lee. “I kind of feel like it’s your own feel.”

“He teaches me how to have good eyes, and read offenses. Its good watching hin to see what he does,” adds Schuetzle.

Which hopefully allows the Eagles defense to grab a headline every once in a while.