Leave it to Beaver: Beaver gnaws on tree, blocks walking bridge into Riverfront Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — A beaver was causing havoc in Riverfront Park earlier on Wednesday.

A beaver took down a tree, blocking the walking bridge that connects Riverfront Park to the Centennial Hotel near downtown Spokane.

Josh Morrisey with Spokane Parks & Recreation said beavers are known to be in the area near the Spokane River. During this season, beavers seem to favor the northeast corner of the river near Havermale Island.

Morrisey says Riverfront has been working with Urban Forestry to remove some of the older, dying cottonwood trees all year. He adds that for bigger trees, they want to try to keep and protect them.

The Department of Wish and Wildlife has been wrapping these trees.

If these beavers keep causing these problems, Morrisey says Riverfront will be in talks with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to set up a “catch and release” plan to relocate the beavers to a different, remote area.

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