Learning the technology: SPS provides training videos to get families comfortable with online learning

SPOKANE, Wash. —¬†With the first day coming up, this is the time for you and your student to get comfortable with the programs that’ll be used daily.

And these programs are Clever and Microsoft Teams.

Clever will serve as a digital hub of academic resources for students while they’re learning at home.

Through the Clever Family Portal, you’ll be able to help your student log in, access important resources and communicate with your student’s teachers.

Spokane Public Schools has training videos online to walk students and families through how to log in and get set up with both Clever and Microsoft Teams.

The school district and school administrators say try to not take it all in at once.

Learn bits and pieces at a time and even trust your student to be a quick learner and help you out.

Instead of pressure being on the academic aspects, the first few weeks will place a focus on students being engaged with peers, teachers and being comfortable with the technology.