Learn to skate like the pros this fall

Learn to skate like the pros this fall

Waltz jumps, sit spins, axles and even simply learning to stop and turn, the Lilac City Figure Skating can help you land some of your skating dreams with their “Learn to Skate” hockey and figure skating lessons.

Junior coach Cheyenne King said, “you can always tell who has potential. It’s just the way they get down on their knees and it’s always if they love the sport too. If they are enjoying what they are doing out here, then they are going to be great.”

Not only is Cheyenne an instructor with the club, she’s a long time member. Starting with preschool skate at two and a half years old.

“My mom got me an ice skating dress and I kind of just fell in love with it from there,” shared King.

Fell in love with it and then some. Cheyenne has gone to Nationals twice is a Regional champion. She could be your next teacher.

“It’s never too late to start skating. We have a ton of adults that skate as well, they even have their own club,” she added.

Or too early. When Good Morning Northwest stopped by practice Tuesday morning, children as young as five showed up to practice with their coaches before school ….and the sunrise. 9 year-old Gabby Bird was one of them.

Gabby started lessons a year ago with one goal in mind, to land a double axle. She says she is inspired by figure skaters who compete at the Olympics,

“They can do cool tricks and I look up to them.”

Gabby’s well on her way to Olympic gold like her idols. She had a bump in the road with a fracture, but it didn’t keep her off the ice. Like her teacher Cheyenne, she thinks any one out there can reach their skating goals, but as you master the moves remember this:

“You have to believe you can’t fall,” she said.

Lilac City Figure Skating Club lessons run through October 20th. Students must be five years and older. Group lessons and private lessons are available.