LC students to get parking passes for now

LC students to get parking passes for now

After students at Lewis and Clark High School went up in arms over new parking meters installed near the school, the City of Spokane will now offer parking passes to juniors and seniors for $90 annually.

The designated student lots at Lewis and Clark can accommodate 200 cars, but the school issues around 330 parking passes. Students used to be able to park on the street for free, but lately they have had to plug all-day meters, which costs $2.80 a day.

Students and parents called for a cheaper and easier solution. The new pass will is good from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. on school days for about 200 meters surrounding Lewis and Clark.

The program will eventually phase out, with passes issued to only seniors next year and no passes issued the following year, forcing the school to find additional space.

The city says they’re in talks with school administrators and the district to figure out where those additional parking spots for LC students will go. Options include building additional spots on the school campus or leasing more spots from the city.