Lawmakers want Washington voters to decide on term limits for governor

Olympia Statehouse

A bill proposed in the upcoming Washington legislative session would allow voters to set a limit on how many terms a Washington governor could serve.

Right now, there is no limit to how many four-year terms a Washington governor can serve, as long as voters keep electing them.

A bi-partisan resolution pre-filed for the upcoming legislative session could change that.

Senate Joint Resolution 8213 calls for a vote of the people that would amend the state constitution.

The resolution states “no person shall be elected to the office of governor more than twice, and no person who has held the office of governor, or acted as governor, for more than one year of a term for which some other person was elected governor shall be elected to the office of governor more than once.”

However, the amendment would not apply to Governor Jay Inslee, who is seeking his third term in office.

“This subsection does not apply to any person holding the office of governor on the effective date of this amendment,” it reads.

21 people have served as Washington’s governor. Only two – Arthur B Langlie and Daniel J. Evans – have served three terms in office.