Lawmaker targets Evergreen college money amid race protests

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A Republican state lawmaker from Central Washington is proposing to cut state funding from Evergreen State College following protests on the Olympia campus.

The News Tribune says Rep. Matt Manweller blasted recent demonstrations at the progressive, liberal arts campus. He wants lawmakers to privatize the public school.

His proposed bill has little chance of passing as lawmakers wrestle with a court order to fix to public schools in its second special session. Some Democrats, who have majority in the state House, have rejected the idea.

Manweller’s proposal is in response to student demonstrations last week. Protesters alleged racism and called for one professor to resign.

Evergreen professor Bret Weinstein told KING-TV he held a class off campus after being told by the college’s police chief it wasn’t safe for him to be on campus.

Evergreen president George Bridges said in a statement Tuesday that safety is a priority and the school supports “open, inclusive and respectful dialogue.”