Law removing Washington sales tax on period products heading to Gov. Inslee’s desk

A bill in the Washington legislature would eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products

OLYMPIA, Wash – A bill that exempts menstrual products from Washington sales tax has passed through both legislative chambers and is on its way to Governor Inslee’s desk.

Senate Bill 5147 passed the House Tuesday with a vote of 95-2 with one excused. The two “no” votes were Rep. Cindy Ryu (D) of Shoreline and Rep. Noel Frame (D) from Seattle.

Under the bill, products exempt from sales tax include pads, tampons, menstrual cups and other similar menstrual products.

A fiscal analysis of the bill says removing the sales tax exemption would cost the state about $2 million a year. It says the change in tax status is not expected to change people’s buying behavior. It estimates 10,000 taxpayers will be affected by this legislation. The full fiscal note can be read at this link.

Several other states have passed similar legislation in recent years.