Latest Wendle campaign ad uses Photoshop to distort opponent’s body

With the November election on Tuesday, Spokane voters are being bombarded with political ads.

One ad, in particular, is raising some eyebrows.

The ad is paid for by city council president candidate Cindy Wendle’s campaign. It features a photoshopped version of her opponent, Breean Beggs, who says the ad is not only misleading- it’s offensive.

Beggs said, initially, he thought a political action committee was behind the ad. Then he saw the other side and realized it was paid for by Wendle’s campaign.

“It didn’t strike me as the type of tone coming out of the Cindy Wendle that I know,” said Beggs.

He says the photo of his face was taken from a 2014 family picture and photoshopped to make him look overweight.

“Though it was ridiculous and really disappointing that people would try to distort someone’s body to make a political point,” he added.

4 News Now reached out to Wendle’s campaign, which responded with the following statement:

“The satirical portrayal of Breean was done to draw attention to the hypocrisy of his record. Every day, people share stories with me saying they see more open drug use, more crime and more homelessness in our city than three years ago, and they’re looking for someone who hears them and will work to fix these issues instead of ignore them. People deserve to know the truth about Breean’s record, hopefully this mailer gets their attention.”

The mailer says Begg’s directionless leadership has lead to several problems.

“Just like they distorted my body, they distorted the facts,” said Beggs.

The ad talks about higher crime rates, and sources a KXLY article about the downtown 7-Eleven. Police are arresting more people there, however violent and property crimes are both down compared to last year.

The ad mentions a rise in homelessness. There were more people counted this year, however volunteers surveyed 38 new locations to get those numbers.

The ad also mentions loss of local businesses and families being afraid to go to the park. There’s no evidence of those claims in any of the articles cited in the mailer.

Election night is Tuesday. You ballot must be post marked by November 5th or put in a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on election night.