Late spring snow blankets Sherman Pass

SPOKANE, Wash.– It’s May 20, but winter isn’t over yet up in the mountains. Snow fell for much of Friday morning on State Highway 20 over Sherman Pass in Ferry County. At 1:30 Friday afternoon, WSDOT snowplow crews reported six inches of snow!

Snow is stubbornly hanging around and has been for most of the day on the main route between Republic and Kettle Falls. The National Weather Service is calling for another two inches or so of snow before conditions ease up during the evening. A Winter Weather Advisory is in place for the pass on Friday afternoon.

Sherman Snow 2
Sherman Snow

The snow level on Friday sits at around 5000 feet, so snow is not expected around other parts of the Inland Northwest. Don’t be surprised though if your local mountains look a little bit whiter this weekend.

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Shermanpass snow stick


sherman pass snow measurement