Last week’s storm delays projects on the West Plains

Last week’s storm delays projects on the West Plains
Jessica Fadel

Last week’s winter storm has delayed construction crews on the West Plains, who will return to work on Tuesday, October 15.

The intersection of Geiger Boulevard and Hayford Road was to close for infrastructure improvements, alongside the Department of Transportation’s closure of the I-90 interchange at Medical Lake. Last week’s turbulent storm complicated those plans, delaying construction until this Tuesday.

The paving portion of the project, specifically, was hindered by downed trees and broken branches. Additionally, the contractors from Shamrock Paving lost power during the storm, causing their “hotmix” asphalt to cool and solidify.

Now, crews are taking the time to reheat the asphalt mixture and prepare to return to work on October 15.

The road will remain closed, with detours available.

For more information on the Hayford/Geiger infrastructure project, you can visit the Spokane County website here.

Despite the inclement weather, WSDOT completed their work on the I-90 interchange at Medical Lake, which has since reopened.

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