Last day to weigh in on new Trent/Sullivan Interchange is Friday, November 18

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — For drivers who commute to and from Spokane Valley, today’s the last day to weigh in on a new design for the Trent Ave./Sullivan Rd. interchange.

Four different designs are on the table for how the roads would be rebuilt and how traffic will flow.

The City of Spokane Valley says the project is just in the design phase right now.

But the reason it needs a new design in the first place is because the current interchange is unable handle the population and traffic growth in Spokane Valley.

The City is hoping to create more lanes of traffic to handle back-ups and create a safer environment in general for drivers and pedestrians as well.

The four designs under consideration were first presented at an open house in late October and those who drive the road regularly are being asked to weigh in on a final design.

“Some are kind of standard and some are very unique so there’s a lot of information out there,” said Project Manager Rob Lochmiller. “We’re excited about getting the community’s input on this.”

That information can be found on the City of Spokane Valley’s website where you can get a closer look at the designs.

Each one takes a different approach to easing traffic flow and there are differing costs, ranging between $35.2 million and $43 million.

The online survey asks how often you use the interchange, how important this project is to you, what you like or dislike about the four designs and if there are any concerns with the existing interchange.

You’re also asked to rank the four designs in preferential order.

The deadline to take the survey is Friday, Nov. 18 at 11:59 p.m.

“We’ll present all that information to council this coming December and we’ll recommend one of those four alternatives to Seed to final design,” said Lochmiller.

The City of Spokane Valley has $3 million dollars in funding for 60% of the design costs.

State and federal funding would be needed to fully pay for the multi-year project.

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