Larger recycling carts coming in June for those who need more room

recycling bin

SPOKANE, Wash. — Larger recycling carts will be delivered to residents who have determined that they need more space to accommodate their recyclables.

The City of Spokane said that this comes as a result of their new recycling schedule, where collection will happen every other week.

These 96-gallon recycling carts will replace the smaller ones during the first two weeks of June, for those who have already requested a larger cart. Due to the new recycling schedule, customers will be assigned to either the Week A or Week B schedule. These cart swaps are schedules for customers’ collection week, on their respective day.

Week A customers will get new carts between Tuesday, June 1, and Saturday, June 5. However, that week includes Memorial Day, so garbage, yard waste and recycling will be a day late all week with regular Friday customers receiving service on June 5.

Week B customers will receive the larger carts the week of June 7 on their regular recycling day.

“Recycling is an important part of the City’s solid waste collection and disposal system that stresses ‘reduce, reuse and recycle.’ The change to every other week recycling collection will allow the City to maintain a robust recycling program, while managing rising costs,” said Marlene Feist, the City’s Public Works Director.

For those expecting a new cart, the city said to remember to leave the smaller recycling cart at the curb after recyclables are collected, until the new cart arrives. If a new one isn’t received by 5 p.m., call or contact 3-1-1 online to report. Due to the large volume of calls, wait times are currently longer than normal and people are encouraged to use the online services system.

To make it easier for the workers to find your cart, make sure your address is visible for the contractor to find it. For those with alley pick up service, put a sign on your cart with your address on it.

The city said its Solid Waste Collections Department changed to every other week residential recycling collection on May 3. The change will manage escalating costs for the recycling program without charging customers more. Customers who need a larger cart to manage their recyclables on the new schedule can call or contact 3-1-1 online to request a 96-gallon.

They said residents can use their online tool to find out when recycling will occur where they live. Recycling collection continues on the same day of the week, but is now done every other week. Garbage and clean green pickup remain on a weekly collection schedule.