Lakeside’s Mikkelsen shines as senior setter for the Eagles

Lakeside’s Mikkelsen shines as senior setter for the Eagles

Not every successful sports career starts with a love for the game.

Olivia Mikkelsen: “I hated volleyball because I just like action in sports and I remember I would cry on my way to practice like don’t make me go. I really developed a love for the sport and for team and everything and it’s pretty much my life.”

The All-State setter was a part of Lakeside’s state championship team in 2016, where she played alongside her sister Lexi. This year, she’s a senior leader on a team with new faces.

Coach Kara Moffatt: “We just keep getting better and better and it’s with Bibs’s leadership. I call her Bibs sorry, that’s what everybody calls her.”

They also call her talented.

Coach Moffatt: “She just makes these amazing sets out of nothing and I just stand there in awe and watch her.”

One of the best programs in the country liked what they saw in Mikkelsen, too. “Bibs” accepted a scholarship to play for the Washington Huskies next Fall.

Olivia: “I’m just so honored that UW even knew my name let alone when they asked me to come play for them I was so stoked. The dynamic and the atmosphere in the gym and the excitement and just honestly the level of play that they’re at. It’s like overwhelming a little bit but exciting.”

Setters control the offense on the court, but they also have to love helping make those around them better. Something Mikkelsen wants to pursue outside of sports.

Olivia: “I really enjoy caring for people, and I really like old people. Fun fact, I love my grandparents. I have a big heart and I want to pursue a career that will let me care for people.”