Kylie Jenner performs ‘Rise and Shine’ with help from Justin Bieber

It could quite possibly be the holiday hit we never saw coming.

Kylie Jenner, alongside her pal Justin Bieber, gave her first live performance of “Rise and Shine” at a charity event over the weekend.

In case you need a refresher, Jenner sang the phrase when waking up her daughter during a behind- the-scenes office tour of her Kylie Cosmetics offices that she then posted on her YouTube channel.

The clip was quickly turned into memes, with Jenner herself even putting the phrase on sweatshirts that she sells online.

Jenner’s short performance had Bieber clearly excited because he jumped on pal Jaden Smith’s back immediately after.

And Twitter was definitely here for it.

One editor from Elle wrote, “the duet I never knew I needed.”

A fan on Twitter called it the “best moment of 2019.”

Perhaps a Bieber/Jenner holiday classic is just what we need this season?