KXLY4, ZZU team up to provide Christmas for adoptive family

KXLY4, ZZU team up to provide Christmas for adoptive family

A Spokane couple has welcomed into their home three young girls, adopted after a traumatic first few years of their lives. Now, KXLY4 and 92.9 ZZU are coming together to bring them a Merry Christmas – and, the last piece of their family’s puzzle.

Jennifer and Mitchell Crane recently moved into a new home on Spokane’s south hill to make room for their new daughters: 11-year old Jules, nine-year old Bri and eight-year old Maggie. The girls’ life before the Cranes was traumatic, to say the least.

“These girls moved from foster house to foster house,” said KXLY4’s Mark Peterson. “The oldest daughter Jules would stay awake as long as possible to watch over her sleeping sisters.”

The Cranes adopted the sisters earlier this year. They’ve been waiting to adopt their 14-year old brother Brian, but needed room in the house before the state would let that happen.

That’s when KXLY’4 Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team stepped in. They’re working this week to put in an egress window in the basement and build a bedroom for Brian. While the work gets underway at their home, it was time to help the Cranes get a running start on Christmas.

Monday morning, the Cranes answered the door to find three KXLY employees, arms loaded with gift bags. On the phone, Dave, Ken and Molly from 92.9 ZZU presented them with a Christmas Wish. While praising the Cranes for their sacrifice and for opening their homes to these young children, the ZZU hosts told them about the gifts that would now be under their tree.

Bags were filled with clothes, toys and other gifts for the girls. Brian received a pile of Seahawks gear. Avista will credit their electric bill and Yoke’s will provide a $100 gift card. They’ll also get a private party for 10 people at Sky High Sports.

With Christmas ready to go, the Extreme Team now gets to work, getting the house ready to welcome Brian to his forever home. Chaos, worth every second to bring this family together.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like we need or deserve any of this,” said Mitchell Crane. “But if it’s what gets Brian in the house, I am so happy to oblige and let these people bless us. It’s really awesome.”