KXLY4 goes through firefighter training with Coeur d’Alene Fire

KXLY4 goes through firefighter training with Coeur d’Alene Fire

Whether it’s pulling people from car crashes, answering medical calls, or putting out fires, the work never stops for firefighters. On Thursday, crews at Coeur d’Alene Fire put KXLY4 to the test at a lifelike simulation they call “Fire Ops 101.”

The four-hour exercise included five evolutions: fire attack team, backup team, EMS, extrications and searching. KXLY4 was paired with Scott Robinson, a firefighter with 15 years of experience, who first showed us how to put on turnout gear and use a breathing mask.

Next, we were taught how to use tools to pull someone from a car crash. Robinson showed us how to safely break the back windshield to get to the crash victims. After that, firefighters taught KXLY4 how to perform CPR on a patient in an ambulance.

The crews at Coeur d’Alene Fire showed us how to put out a fire using the fire hoses they use everyday. We were also shown how to safely search for and rescue someone in a house fire.

“It’s an eye opening experience and to watch people get exhausted on really what we would call kind of a bread and butter type — we would do this just as a quick training,” said Craig Etherton, a fire inspector with the department.

It was a fun, but exhausting day for KXLY4 — and it was only a portion of what these firefighters do on their two-day, 48-hour shifts.

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