Kxly4 Extreme Team gears up for Project ID makeover

Mark Peterson and the KXLY 4 Extreme Team have their next project lined up for next week. This time, they will be helping out Project ID, Identity beyond Disability.

Project ID serves adults with special needs, and gives the vulnerable population a safe place to be in their community.

The organization is now in their new location on East Pacific, but it needs a makeover. And that’s where Mark and the team come in!

Project ID says there are a lot of opportunities with the former church facility. They hope to eventually open a coffee shop to teach Project ID members how to be baristas, and they hope the new building will help them reach more people in the Spokane Community.

“Project ID is really about the community,” said Board Chairman Bill Reynolds. “Them being able to socialize, make friends, that’s what makes life rich for all of us, relationships.”