KXLY spreads holiday cheer at Spokane Guild School

For the last few years, KXLY has been honored to partner with the Spokane Guild School on a number of projects to make life a little easier for the families and children there with special needs.

Every year, our employees can opt out of the traditional Secret Santa and buy a gift for the Guild School.

We are just a small part of what happens there during the holidays. ‘Mrs. Santa’ is the real hero. She is also known as Marilyn Henderson, a retired Guild School program director.

For nearly thirty years, she’s made it her mission to stock a room with presents for her kids. Their parents come to the school and can pick out a gift at no cost.

Recently, one of those parents wrote Henderson a heart felt thank you letter. She got a little choked up reading it Thursday morning when KXLY dropped off our donated presents.

“This is what Christmas is all about. Families having an opportunity to feel good about having Christmas. I had some tough ones when I was little and so that’s why I started this almost thirty years ago,” said Henderson.

Now in her 70’s, Henderson says the extra financial burden that Guild School parents face is why she will keep doing this as long as she can.