KXLY answers your questions about why a sexually violent predator is coming to Spokane soon

KXLY answers your questions about why a sexually violent predator is coming to Spokane soon
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Concern, outrage and disbelief are a few of the responses KXLY4 viewers have had to news a sexually violent predator will soon be released to live in the heart of the community.

David Durbin has convictions in Montana and Wyoming for sexually assaulting children. He was also caught watching kids through the windows of a Clark County, Washington home. He went to prison and for the last nine years, he’s been living at the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island, classified as a sexually violent predator.

He isn’t your average sex offender. He’s among a group of people who have already completed prison terms, but a jury decides they need more treatment. They get civilly committed to the center.

Each year, sexual predators can ask for a review so they can be part of the outpatient treatment program called a Less Restrictive Alternative (LRA). A team of eight psychologists evaluate them based on these three questions:

1. Do they still meet the criteria to qualify as a sexually violent predator?

2. Is placement in an LRA in their best interest?

3. If so, can conditions be imposed at the LRA that will ensure the community’s safety?

If the answer to all three is yes, a separate team of specialists review the findings and they interview the predator again.

That information will go to the commitment center’s CEO. That person decides whether the case should be heard by a judge.

Then, the courts have the final say.

In Durbin’s case, last month a judge in Clark County granted the LRA and ordered his release be in Spokane County.

Many people asked KXLY4, why Spokane?

Some counties forbid violent predators by not allowing the housing that’s required of these sexual predators. Spokane County is one of six counties in the state that has LRA placement right now.

Spokane has places, like a home on the 1200 block of North Lincoln Street, where Durbin will live, that caters to people in his situation. The home’s manager said he can provide the monitoring required to keep track of people under state restrictions.

Eight sex offenders currently live at that home, which is across the street from the Spokane Arena.

There is also a counselor in Spokane County contracted with the state to treat sexually violent predators.

According to past reports, it’s the same counselor who treated David McCuistion, the last sexually violent predator to be released into Spokane County with no previous ties to the community.

Both Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl said it’s up to Spokane residents to speak out about this issue if they want it changed.

“The only way you’re going to change this dynamic, and Chief Meidl and I talked about this, is for the citizens to push to have this law changed,” Knezovich said.

“There is a very small voice at the table. What about the victims? What about the community? It’s just not a loud enough voice yet,” Meidl said.

Durbin is scheduled for release to Spokane Tuesday, February 19 th .

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