KXLY 4 Extreme Team sprucing up Pullman baseball field

KXLY 4 Extreme Team sprucing up Pullman baseball field

Our very own Mark Peterson is at it again, as the KXLY 4 Extreme Team and Hometown Chevy Dealers are hard at work on the latest Diamonds and Dreams project. This weekend the crew is working in Pullman to bring an old field back to life.

It’s about time that the field got a makeover; it’s not looking very pretty and last week during practice things got dangerous, as a ball bounced off of the uneven dirt and clocked a kid in the face.

“The dirt was not very good and rocky,” said baseball player Chase Hayton. “So it bounced up and hit him.”

The kids who run the bases have been striking out when it came to a field of their own.

“I just felt, what better way to get the kids out here than having a legit field? We didn’t have that,” said baseball coach Fran Amend. “We were playing on an intramural baseball field, kind of a makeshift type thing. To have access to an actual Pony Baseball field, I think it’s going to enlighten the kids, the kids are going to enjoy it. They have a place to call their home.”

“It feels good, I mean we can come up here and play when we want to, we can play games up here when we need to, and people that are younger can play up here too.,” said Hayton.

The field will not only be a home run for Hayton’s team, but a grand slam for the community as well.

“It’s where families can come together for one thing, whether it’s watching the kids or just coming in and just you know spending time watching local kids play. It’s fun,” said Amend.