Kootenai Co. deputy disperses 200-person car rally from Higgens Point

Hayden looks to double deputy presence
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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — A 200-person car rally at Higgens Point was dispersed after telling a Sheriff’s deputy they were social distancing.

Around 2:30 p.m., a Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at a car rally at Higgens Point after stopping a car for driving recklessly. The driver told her he was an airman at Fairchild Air Force Base, currently on leave to reduce transmission of COVID-19 at the base.

A patrol sergeant arrived and tried to disperse the crowd, and someone protested by telling him they were social distancing.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the crowd was around 200-300 people, and they were clearly not social distancing.

Someone else, whose car had Washington plates, said they were protesting Governor Brad Little’s stay-home order. The patrol sergeant reminded him he was in the wrong state, having Washington plates.

As the group was in a state park, the sergeant told them they needed a permit to be there. After they protested, the sergeant showed them the IDAPA signage requiring a permit.

The Sheriff’s Office describes that around 200 vehicles, ranging from a Chevy Malibu to a Lamborghini, eventually left the area. Those that stayed and objected were given informational flyers and offered an invitation to go to court.

The Sheriff’s Office says they soon left.