Kimmel’s Gonzaga conspiracy drags on

Kimmel’s Gonzaga conspiracy drags on

Jimmy Kimmel won’t let it go and neither will Spokane.

Ever since the late night comedian proposed the theory that Gonzaga doesn’t actually exist aside from basketball, he’s sparked a fierce debate. During Monday night’s show, Kimmel continued to call Gonzaga University a “totally imaginary place.”

“He’s very good at denying us,” said Gonzaga student Katie Newman.

Spokane Valley company Zome Design is trying to set the record straight by printing “#Gonzaga Exists” shirts and sweatshirts.

“It sort of just kind of came out of the woodwork and hit the national scene,” said sales executive Zane Troester. “And anything that hits the national scene with Gonzaga, we’re interested in.”

Odds are, it’s going to take more than a t-shirt to convince the comedian otherwise, which is why Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson is getting involved. In a video with the dean of the law school, Ferguson holds his hand on a Bible as students proclaim their school, and student loan debt is in fact very real.

So what will it take for Kimmel to admit he’s wrong?

“Come to Spokane, see for yourself,” said Gonzaga student Teresa Barron. “You can’t deny it once you’re here.”

During Monday’s show, Kimmel said, “Don’t say come up here and see. I’m no dummy. I know how that goes. I fly into Spokane, I get picked up at the airport. Somebody says ‘hey, I’m with Gonzaga,’ they drive me out to a field and then leave me there with my luggage.”

Some on social media want Kimmel to deliver this year’s commencement speech — we’ll just have to wait and see.

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