Kids restless schooling from home? Try the “Quaranteam Challenge”

SPOKANE, Wash. — For the second day, Spokane students are taking lessons from the classroom to their living room. Because of COVID-19 concerns, students will be hitting the books at home until at least April 24.

That means no face-to-face interaction with their teachers or their fellow classmates, and no recess. The isolation can be jarring for some kids. Parents, on top of everything else, are trying to navigate through their children’s education and keeping them on track.

Even so, a couple Spokane parents found a way to give kids something new to look forward to each day.

They’re calling it the ‘Quaranteam Challenge.’ It’s a challenge they started online, and any family can join in. As of Wednesday afternoon, the group had more than 50 families participating. Essentially, there’s a new challenge each day. Families can sign up in the group to create the daily challenges. The challenges range from arts and crafts, to exploring areas in and around your home. The creators of the challenge said it’s an activity for all ages, and you don’t have to be in the Spokane area to join.

More importantly, these are all activities that you can do while social distancing.

“We’re a really social family and we love having kids in our home, we love having families over. But, it’s a long time to not be with anybody. Virtually, we can connect and stay connected as a community, do something fun where the kids can participate and stay connected to their friends in a safe way,” said Krista Crotty, co-creator of the Quaranteam Challenge.

Tuesday’s challenge was to create a leprechaun house. Wednesday, the task was to go on a scavenger hunt. Participants were instructed to look for eleven things on a list. They could find them inside their house, or like the Crottys, they could venture outside.

The Crotty family has three young boys in their family; age seven, ten, and eleven. While school sessions are happening at home instead of in a classroom, building in time for activities is helping them burn off energy during the day.

“We’re a really athletic family, so to have them outside and keep them moving is really important to stay healthy and have fun and to do it as a family. We did do it yesterday as a family, so it was good to connect, and talk, and laugh, and be together,” Krista said.

Right after the challenge, all three Crotty kids went right back inside to do some schoolwork after their challenge. The Quaranteam Challenge is a good short-term distraction, especially on sunny days.

If your kids want to join the challenge, click HERE.

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