Kiddie pools aren’t as popular as originally theorized

Kiddie pools aren’t as popular as originally theorized
Kiddie pools aren't as popular as originally theorized

It was a mere theory that kiddie pools sales would increase during the looming closure of city pools for the summer, but I was wrong. Phone calls to local general stores resulted in the same thing. Most said their sales were about the same as last year with little demand.

Pat Conley, Spokane Valley White Elephant store co-manager said, “This year’s weather hasn’t done it. Last year we never ran out, but we went through several.”

Some manufacturers, Conley said, discontinued them. There are different types: inflatable, hard plastic and roll out. This year, the Spokane Valley White Elephant ran out of the hard plastic types.

“This year, they were hard to get. Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee bought a whole container of them, so he still has them,” Conley said. He continued, “The demand hasn’t been there this year. It’s just been the water toys for the lake and river.”

It’s a slightly different story at the north Division White Elephant. They said they ran out of the inflatable ones in early July.

The General Store reported the same stagnant sales. They ordered and sold about the same as last year.

Rob Brewer a Corbin-area father, went out and bought a kiddie pool recently.

“My small kids needed relief from the heat a couple weeks ago. We are members at the YMCA, have city pool passes and have a neighbor with a pool,” Brewer said. He continued, “Sometimes it is just easier to step outside, set the kids loose in the yard and enjoy.”

Brewer may have bought that kiddie pool just in time. Pool passes are not much good after September 10th. Four city pools are closing this weekend for the season. Two pools are staying open until early September this summer. Spokane Parks and Recreation announced today that both Cannon and Witter Aquatic Centers would remaining open until September 9th and 10th.

“We looked at the upcoming weather reports and it said sunny skies and warm temperatures. That would provide time for lap swimmers and swim teams,” Nancy Goodspeed, parks and recreation communications, said. She continued, “The pools never break even or come close to it, but it’s a great service for people and it’s tax dollars.”

Vocal citizens expressed their disappointment that the pools would be closing this upcoming weekend, but the above plan will hopefully subside those qualms.

Goodspeed added, “Even if we were in the middle of a rain storm, they’d still call in and say: “Why aren’t you open?”