Kendall Yards Night Market officially opens

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Kendall Yards Night Market is open and ready for visitors. 

The market was originally scheduled to open last Wednesday, but weather interfered with those plans. It reopened this Wednesday and will run from 5-8 p.m.  

When you do head to the market, things will look a little different than last year. 

“Farmers markets are essential businesses,” it reads on the market’s website. “We provide a healthy, open-air environment for grocery shopping with fewer people making contact with your food.” 

In order to keep a healthy environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, the night market shortened this year’s hours and will no longer provide live musical performances, activities, or seating. 

Those who do shop will be asked to wash their hands and only touch food they plan on buying.

All food vendors will be distanced at least six feet apart, and there will be no food sampling available. 

CLICK HERE to read the new guidelines. 

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