How to keep your pets cool through the heatwave this weekend

SPOKANE, Wash. — The heatwave continues in the Inland Northwest!

With the excessive heat expected through Sunday, it’s important to keep your pets inside as much as possible.

This is according to Dori Peck at SpokAnimal who says both dogs and cats can be susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

If the pavement is too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pets. Get those walks in early in the day or after the sun goes down.

Keep your dogs inside during the peak hot hours of the day.

If your dogs are getting restless or need to use the bathroom, Peck says a shaded, grassy area is the best place to let them out, while keeping them on a leash.

Cats also need to stay inside. You may not walk them like dogs, but all pets need to be inside where there’s air conditioning or a fan blowing cool air.

Both dogs and cats will pant if they are overheated. They will also show signs of lethargy.

If you don’t have reliable cool air for your pets, Peck says to bring them to a shelter.

“They definitely can bring them here. We are saving a little bit of space,” said Peck. “We don’t have a whole ton, but we do save space. We always help in an emergency like that. We do not want anyone’s animals overheating, dying of heat exhaustion. So if you need us, please stop by and we’ll definitely help you.”

SpokAnimal is located at 710 N Napa St. You can contact the shelter at 509-534-8133.

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