‘Keep our foot on the gas’: Sen. Murray speaks on Biden’s plan to send COVID tests to K-12 schools

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Patty Murray expressed gratitude towards the Biden administration’s plan to send five million free COVID-19 tests to K-12 schools every month.

This comes after Murray expressed frustration with current testing efforts. She also addressed concerns over school closures in Washington state due to staff shortages.

“This is a welcome acknowledgment of the problems I’m hearing back at home and the urgent need to keep our kids and educators safe and better support our schools,” said Murray in her statement.

The administration also announced it would deploy surge testing sites to increase free testing access for students and educators.

Murray says she wants every school to have available testing sites, and that she expects to hear more information about Biden’s plan soon.

“We’ve got to keep our foot on the gas to ensure schools can use the resources from the American Rescue Plan to support students’ learning and mental health needs,” said Murray.

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