K-9 unit celebrates birthday in style

K-9 unit celebrates birthday in style

Adams County K-9 unit Garrett took time out of his busy day to celebrate his 5th birthday on Friday.

The German Shepherd donned the traditional pointy birthday hat and sunglass although photographic evidence appears to show him as being a little nervous about posing for a birthday picture.

Before Garrett arrived Adams County Sheriff deputies patrolled the streets and back roads of the county without his snout to sniff out narcotics.

In December, Garrett helped his handler track down a stolen vehicle suspect who was hiding in a field near Othello.

K-9 unit celebrates birthday in styleIn November, Garret and deputy Philips partook in No-Shave November. Garrett was declared the winner.

For his birthday, Garret enjoyed a bag of snausages, a can of tasty dog food and an ice cream shaped chew toy.