Journalist familiar with Matt Shea’s views reflects on bombshell 108-page report

Spokane Valley Representative Matt Shea is not backing down, despite being called a domestic terrorist and hearing calls for resignation.

This all came after the release of a 108-page investigation of Shea.

Along with accusing Shea of domestic terrorism, the report says he radicalized others against the United States for his own political gain.

The story is already getting national coverage, but not many people have followed it closer than Leah Sottile, a journalist in the northwest.

For years now, she’s been uncovering the details seen in that 108-page report through her podcast called Bundyville.

So for Sottile, it was just a matter of time before the truth came out.

“You know these days white supremacy isn’t necessarily in KKK hoods or burning cross. It’s around you and, occasionally, it’s wearing a suit and tie, holding an elected position,” Sottile said.

Her work on Matt Shea started with the takeover of an Oregon Wildlife Refuge in 2016; A takeover Matt Shea is accused of leading.

“I think that’s something that has been speculated about, and this report really shows that he was a part of a takeover of a federal facility,” Sottile said.

Sottile said the size of the report released yesterday shows just how pervasive Shea’s actions are.

“Just to see those exact words, ‘domestic terrorism’, used in reference to an elected official was definitely sobering even for me to see that,” Sottile said.

Despite the accusations Shea is a threat, and the years of media coverage by people like Sottile, Shea’s supporters still stand by him.

“I think people who still support Matt Shea are basically supporting white supremacy,” Sottile said.

Sottile said over the years she spoke to several elected officials from both parties, who said Shea’s views don’t represent those living in Washington.

Yet, Shea has still been re-elected six times in Spokane Valley.

For Sottile, this goes far beyond partisan politics.

“My hope was that it would really kind of wake people up, and make people understand that these things like white supremacy are happening all around us all the time,” Sottile said.