Jello shots

Jello shots
Wikimedia Commons

6 oz. Jell-O (large package)

2 c. boiling water

6 oz. cold water

10-16 oz. vodka or other alcohol

Add gelatin to boiling water and mix until completely dissolved. Add the alcohol and blend together. Pour mixture into plastic shot glasses and chill until firm, or pour into 9×12-inch baking pan and chill until firm.

Be warned: If you pour the shots into plastic shot glasses, they are not easy to extract. One way to get the shots out is to dip each one in warm water for a minute to loosen it from the sides of the glass. To serve the ones that firmed up in the baking pan, cut them into the size you want (I usually figure about 16-20 to a pan) and serve them in paper baking cups.

Here are some flavor suggestions to get you started:

Lime Jell-O: gin or tequila and Grand Marnier

Strawberry Jell-O: rum, vanilla or mandarin vodka

Orange Jell-O: peach schnapps and/or rum, amaretto

Grape Jell-O: fruit-flavored vodka and/or fruit-flavored liqueur of your choice

Watermelon Jell-O: coconut rum, melon liqueur.

Apple Jell-O: Buttershots schnapps, cinnamon liqueur