Jaipur’s royal family lists Airbnb’s first royal property

Jaipur’s royal family lists Airbnb’s first royal property
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A suite in the City Palace of Jaipur, India is available on Airbnb for $7,983 per night.

Airbnb has taken its luxury listings to a new level, introducing their first royal property in Jaipur, India.

The Jaipur royal family has listed a room in their stunningly ornate 300-year-old City Palace of Jaipur on Airbnb for $7,983 per night.

The residence was built in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the royal founder of the city of Jaipur, and still houses the city’s royal family today. Distinguished guests of the palace have included Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton and Jackie Kennedy.

Beginning November 23, the private quarters of the palace, previously open only to royals and their special guests, will be open to Airbnb bookers.

The luxurious Gudliya Suite includes the usual trappings — lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom — as well as a private, indoor swimming pool and personal butler.

Maharaja Padmanabh Singh, the 21-year-old monarch of Jaipur, will play host. Though India is now a democratic republic, the royal family still holds prominence in the region’s rich history and traditions.

“I am thrilled that my family and I are partnering with Airbnb to bring the splendor of Rajasthan to life for travelers from around the world,” Maharaja Padmanabh Singh shared in a statement. “My own travels with Airbnb have made me feel very welcome in new cities and cultures, and I am happy that the experience of quintessential Indian hospitality will be shared with others.”

The moment guests arrive at the airport, they will be whisked away by a chauffeured car and transported to the City Palace where they will be met by a private butler to usher them in.

The listing offers an intimate look into the heritage and traditions of the royal family and the city of Jaipur.

A member of the palace staff will guide guests on a tour of the sprawling complex’s architecture, art and decor. Guided by the butler, guests will also be able to enjoy curated outings stacked with shopping experiences, guided museum tours and city excursions. That is, if you even want to leave the palace.

Terrace views and peacock-filled gardens will be the backdrop of authentic Rajasthani meals, including a gourmet breakfast and dinner at Baradari, the palace’s in-house restaurant.

Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. The UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its beautiful symmetrical architecture in dusty pinks, terracotta textures and reddish-brown hues.

Airbnb says proceeds from the suite’s bookings will go to the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, a nonprofit working to develop and empower underprivileged communities in Rajasthan.