It’s time to cast your vote on this year’s Fat Bear Week competition

KING SALMON, AK. — Winter is right around the corner, and bears are eating berries, crashing buffets and packing on the pounds for hibernations.

You know what that means? It’s Fat Bear Week!

Katmai National Park and Recreation’s Fat Bear Week is back. It’s a bracket where you can vote on which bear you think is the fattest of them all!

Fat Bear Week celebrates how well they’ve done at putting on pounds before they hibernate for the winter.

Here is how it works.

Each set of bears will go head-to-head in a single elimination March Madness-style tournament. This is where you come in and vote on which bear you think is the chunkiest until one bear is named the titan of tonnage!

Voting for the fattest bear starts on Wednesday. You can vote from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day of Fat Bear Week.

Fat Bear Week runs from October 5-11, where you can learn about the lives and histories of these bears and better understand their ecosystem.

Meet all of the bears here!

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