It’s the 4 News Now Extreme Team to the Rescue4All

The 4 News Now Extreme Team is getting ready to roll up their sleeves and take on their next project. Mark Peterson and his team will be helping out Rescue4All, a local organization that helps rehabilitate dogs to be adopted, whether they have medical or behavioral needs.

Since last November, Rescue4All has been trying to build a refuge for their dogs. But after a series of issues during construction, they’ve been having trouble finishing it up.

Finding a forever home, for dogs big or small, that’s been the goal since day one for Rescue4All. But it takes time to find a home that fits. That’s what the refuge is for. Rather, that’s what it is going to be for.

Jamie McAtee is the founder of Rescue4All. She loves dogs, but we didn’t need to tell you that. Our 4 News Now community will remember Jingle, the corgi who needed surgery for a bad tummy. And, little baby Sol, the puppy found in an Idaho dumpster.

If you saw them now, you’d see two healthy and loved pups – this is thanks to Rescue4All.

“I wanted to help a subset of dogs that were being overlooked by other rescues weren’t really willing to take a risk on,” McAtee said.

Six years later, McAtee’s helped more than 400 dogs.

“Our number one goal is to help the underdog – like little dogs like ty. Those are dogs with medical, behavioral, or just need a second chance to just kind of figure things out,” McAtee said.

The Rescue4All refuge gives them a chance to do just that. They’ve had a 4,000-square foot space since last year. But it needs work, a lot of work.

“It was just issue after issue. And we’ve had to replace electrical, and plumbing lines, water lines, and everything you could imagine going wrong with a property,” McAtee said.

Initially, they thought they’d be up and running early this year. But when the house turned out it needed a complete renovation, it got complicated.

“Trying to find out how to make all of that happen on a budget really made things extremely difficult,” McAtee said.

They have the house, now they need to turn it into a home. Now, it’s Extreme Team to the Rescue4All. They are coming in to finish up the refuge.

“We just had fingers crossed and hoped that we’d make the cut. Having the opportunity to where they actually picked us was a surprise and it was such a blessing for us,” McAtee said.

So more dogs like Jingle and Sol, can find their forever homes.

The Extreme Team will be getting to work at the refuge this week. You can check in on their progress on 4 News Now with our Mark Peterson. If you’re interested, they do have several dogs up for adoption. You can find more information on here.