‘It’s surreal’: Threats to Spokane schools concern parents

SPOKANE, Wash — Some parents in Spokane say they’re worried about social media threats that were made toward two local schools.

The Spokane Police Department said it went to Garry Middle School and Rogers High School to investigate those threats. Officers said they determined the threats, which were made on Snapchat, were not credible.

“If school is in session, we’re going to go to school. We’re not going to go ‘Well, is this credible?” you know? No. They’re all credible or we’re going to treat it like it’s going to happen,” said Lieutenant Dan Waters with the Spokane Police Department.

Threats to Garry Middle School were made Wednesday while class was in session. Threats to Rogers High School were made overnight. Police were able to start investigating Rogers’ threats before school was in session.

“Today we can’t substantiate anything,” Lt. Waters said. “We can’t find a specific threat to a specific person, any of that stuff, so we still sent officers up to that schools to be a presence.”

Marci Peterson said she’s still shaken up by the threats made to Garry. She picked her 13-year-old son up early Thursday.

“I really am nervous because you just don’t know if anything is going to happen or if something is going to follow through, just to think that if something did happen,” she said.

Seeing what’s happening nationally in the high school in Michigan, Pam Chavira said is going to be taking her grandkids out of class altogether.

“I think they’ll go back to remote,” Chavira said. “It’s really weird because they just got off of remote.”

Regardless of what’s happening across the nation, Lt. Waters said their response is going to be the same.

“The school has their safety measures right? Single points of entry, they have all those things in place, so they’re doing their part of it. We make the physical presence there with the ability to defend the school should it be needed,” he said.

Anyone who becomes aware of any school threat is urged to call 911 or Crime Check at 509-456-2233. You can also report it to Spokane Schools, during hours by calling 509-354-SAFE (7233), or after hours at 509-354-5934.

Spokane Public Schools sent us this statement regarding the threats:

Spokane Public Schools is aware of a threat circulating on social media regarding several schools in our district. Law enforcement has investigated and have determined the threats are not credible. Out of an abundance of caution, there will be additional safety measures in place.

Police will be present at both Garry Middle School and Rogers High School in the following days.

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