“It’s pretty tough” Families devastated by Lind wildfire

LIND, Wash. — Families are feeling devastation following the fire in Lind. Sorting through ash and rubble to find anything left over, the almost four-square-mile fire evacuated the entire town on Thursday.

Four homes and eight buildings burned in what is one of the worst fires the town has ever seen.

The town, which is an hour west of Spokane, has a long road to recovery. Some are trying to piece together what is left, while others are trying to provide support in any way possible.

“I’ve just been here so many times, so I kind of know where everything would be at,” Nick Labes said.

Walking through the ashes, the 16-year-old is looking for whatever remains from his grandmother’s home.

“Me and my cousins would always come up here, and we’d have sleepovers and it’d always be a good time,” Labes said.

Finding a few cake pans, some dishware and an American flag waving amid the burned wheatland, Labes is feeling the impact from the fire.

“This house meant a lot to us,” Labes said. “Lots of good memories here. Through everything, all that’s left standing is the flag that’s been up for as long as I can remember. It’s pretty tough.”

The fires are also hard on Cheryl Haase, which is why she stayed through the flames. Haase’s downtown turned into a rest stop for volunteer firefighters and for those that lost their homes.

“We have 20 guys, and they all showed up, so I got a hold of Kevin [Starring] and said do you need any food and he said, yes, and I said we’re doing it,” Haase said.

Haase’s bar is open as well, making sure no one goes hungry.

“I own the local bar, [and] my husband and I were going to be open for whatever because people are devastated,” Haase said. “They’re sad. They’re challenged, and we need people to talk to. So where else do you go to? You go to the local pub.”

On August 20, the town is hosting a community barbecue that is also serving as a fundraiser. It starts at 1 p.m.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up for Labes and his family.

*If you are considering a contribution to a GoFundMe account, please proceed at your own risk. KXLY.COM cannot assure that money deposited to an account will benefit the persons you desire to benefit.

“We can be mad at each other because everybody knows everybody really well but when there’s something wrong we put all that aside,” Haase said. “We can do that next week, so we just get together and do what needs to be done.”

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