It’s not too late to get informed for Election Day!

It’s not too late to get informed for Election Day!

In case you didn’t notice from all the ads and all the flyers in the mail, Election Day is fast approaching. If you’re in Idaho or you’re a Washingtonian who hasn’t yet put the ballot in the mail, we want to help you get ready for Election Day!

Generally speaking, there are a lot of questions about ballots in general. We made it easy for you to get those questions answered with a KXLY4 News 60-Second Ballot Breakdown. You can check it out here – it just takes a minute!

One of the most high-profile (and expensive) races in our region is the 5th District Congressional race. Incumbent Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers is trying to hang on to her seat, challenged by Democrat Lisa Brown. The two debated in front of a packed house at the Fox Theater last month, moderated by Nadine Woodward and broadcast live on kxly4 News. If you haven’t decided who to vote for, you can watch the debate at this link.

The future of schools in Spokane will be decided by voters on November 6th. There’s a bond measure for voters within the Spokane School District that would fund three new middle schools, which would also involve moving sixth graders to middle school. The bond will also pay for renovations on other schools throughout the district. We know what you’re asking: how much is this going to cost me? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive look at the bond measure and how it breaks down for homeowners. You can read all about it here.

On a related note, Spokane libraries could get a huge lift if voters approve a $77 million bond. It’s on the back of your ballot, placed with the school bond, and it’s there for a reason. Some of the bond money would pay for unique partnerships between the school district and the libraries. You can read more about that connection here.

City voters will also weigh in on where the school district should build a new stadium to replace Joe Albi Stadium in northeast Spokane. Albi’s been great – I mean, Elvis played there! – but, it’s showing its age and they just don’t pack ’em in like they used to. So, voters within the Spokane city limits are asked to share their preference: should a new stadium be built at the current Albi site or should it go downtown, next to the Spokane Arena (and across from our KXLY broadcast center.) We broke down what your vote means with another 60-Second Ballot Breakdown. Check it out – but know that your vote won’t actually decide where the new stadium goes.

In both Washington and Idaho, voters are being asked about a variety of statewide measures – everything from grocery taxes to horse racing on machines. We’ve put all the ballot language for measures in both states here in one story.

If reading’s not your thing, you can watch Nadine Woodward break down some of the biggest ballot measures in just one minute per issue. Click this link for Washington’s carbon fee initiative. Idaho voters can get up to speed on the horse racing initiative here.

Speaking of Idaho, the Gem State will have a new governor for the first time since 2007. Democrat Paulette Jordan is facing Republican Brad Little, Idaho’s current lieutenant governor. It’s an uphill battle for Jordan in a traditionally Republican state.

There are countless other races to be decided on Election Day, both here at home and on the national stage. You can stay up to date on local and national election headlines by bookmarking the politics page on

The important thing is that you remember to vote! Idaho polls close at 8 pm on Election Day. Washington voters need to have their ballots postmarked on Election Day. Spokane County voters can track their ballots, get a replacement ballot and find voter service center locations by checking out the county’s election page here. Kootenai County election information, including how to find your polling place, can be found here. If you don’t live in those counties, just find your county’s election page and all the information should be right there!

We’re excited to be part of this historic night with you. ABC News will be broadcasting live starting at 5pm to share results of the national races. KXLY4 News will cut in throughout the evening to update you on state and local races and bring you instant reaction from the candidates.

We’ll also be streaming live on and Facebook starting at 8:00 pm so that you can join the conversation, share your insights and reaction and hear about all of the races with local perspective.

We’ll be eating Election Night pizza, which is traditional for newsrooms. Whether you’re on the go or at home watching the results come in, grab a slice and join our coverage of Election Day 2018!

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