‘It’s getting scarier’: Rideshare, delivery drivers struggle with record-high gas prices

SPOKANE, Wash. – Those who make a living driving are struggling as gas prices soar. 

AAA says all states now have prices over $4 per gallon. It’s something that has never happened before. 

The average price of gas is currently $4.60 per gallon in Idaho, another record high. It’s also 12 cents higher in Kootenai County. 

Washington set a record high recently with an average of $5.19 for a regular gallon of gas. It’s a bit lower in Spokane County at $4.89. 

Some Spokane delivery drivers say gas prices are making them question whether it’s worth keeping up. 

Bryann Robinson drives for Doordash from time to time when she needs extra money. She is on disability, but she delivers food on the days she can. 

The rising cost of gas has deterred Robinson from driving. She says it is just not worth it to fill the tank and drive an average of 100-150 miles. Last year, it cost her $40 to fill up her Kia Soul, most recently, she’s paying around $65 to $70.

“The gas prices are insane. Like, I lived in the Bay Area of California when gas prices got insane in like 2004, 2005. I thought that was as bad as I would ever see in my life, but this, especially in the Spokane area, this is bonkers,” Robinson said. 

Jordan Coyle, who drives for Uber and Lyft, is also concerned about the prices. She says she makes 75-percent of her income doing rideshare driving.

“It’s getting scarier and scarier for me. I guess, let’s just put it that way,” Coyle said. 

Coyle told 4 News Now she wasn’t nervous about the prices going up weeks ago, saying that she has a hybrid car. However, prices just keep climbing and it’s worrying her. It used to cost her $35 to fill up her tank, but on Thursday, it took her $65 to fill up.

“Right now, I’ve taken, with the current gas prices, about $1.67 per hour loss,” Coyle said. “If that ever dropped to $6 or more, then I’m going to be looking for something else.”

Summer travel is near and AAA estimated nearly 35 million people will travel by car, regardless of what it takes to fill their tanks. 

Robinson was thinking of traveling up north to see her family for Memorial Day Weekend, but she’s second-guessing making that trip because of the cost. 

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