‘It’s fed my family’: USPS looking to recruit thousands ahead of peak season

SPOKANE, Wash. — The United States Postal Service is headed into its peak season and still needs more workers.

USPS is looking to hire 2,000 people across Washington state, like many industries currently facing staffing shortages due to the pandemic.

“We need enthusiastic people who want to come and work for us that want a career,” said Alexis Delgado, Human Resources Field Manager of the Washington District.

USPS held its first ever Washington mega hiring blitz at over 100 of its offices to recruit people. The hiring fairs were held on the western side of the state on Thursday and made their way to central and eastern Washington on Friday.

“It’s fed my family and raised my kids and I think it’s a public service job, so carriers are our lifeline out in the field with customers. It’s often times they’re the ones that find customers that might be in trouble or something,” Delgado said.

In Spokane, USPS is hoping to add more than 50 people to the team. Opportunities range from delivery to inside the post office, such as working over the counter and sorting mail and packages at the plant.

Spokane’s postmaster, Ross Pfaff, is looking for 25 people to fill delivery positions and 30 people on the plant side.

“We’ve got room on our team as you probably know the Spokane Post Office does a fantastic job, we have some great employees but we’re looking for more to come have a career with us.” Pfaff said.

To apply, candidates need to be 18 or 16 with a high school diploma. A clean driving record is required for those applying to driving positions and five years of citizenship are required.

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