It’s a boy! Glenrose bison Hazel and Baxter welcome baby Basil

Baby Bison Basil One
Melissa Luck
Meet Basil the baby bison

SPOKANE, Wash – When Kevin Davidson went to Party City to get blue balloons to welcome the family’s new addition, they asked if he was a new grandpa. Instead, Davidson told them, “No, we have a baby bison!”

Bison Hazel and Baxter, who roam Davidson’s property on South Glenrose, welcomed a boy around noon Friday. They named him Basil, combining his parents’ names.

Davidson was there to assist, pulling Basil from Hazel’s womb.

The addition drew curious onlookers along Cherry Lane Saturday afternoon, as word got out that there was a baby bison. Hazel and Baxter draw admirers frequently and also get attention when they escape the property from time to time.

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The bison parents were both orphaned when their mothers died; they’ve been at Davidson’s property for about two years.

Davidson expected the two would mate sometime last fall. They weren’t entirely sure Hazel was pregnant until about a month ago.

On the property Saturday, Basil stayed close by Hazel, nursing frequently. Neither Hazel nor Baxter seemed threatened or concerned by the curious neighbors dropping by to take a peek.