‘It’s a blessing’: Liberty Lake community takes care of Christmas shopping for single mom battling cancer

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. – It has been a trying year for the Wheeler family, but they got a bit of Christmas cheer thanks to their community. 

Holiday helpers arrived at the Wheeler’s home on Sunday with hands full of presents. 

“I instantly started shaking and getting emotional and speechless, which doesn’t happen very often for me,” Sydne Wheeler said. 

Wheeler is a single mom battling cancer who is grateful to have piles of presents under their family tree. 

“Being a single mom and going through cancer and not being able to work, this has been one of my biggest stresses of the year,” Wheeler said. 


Erin Merrifield and her friends came up with the idea last year. They started a Facebook group called the Liberty Lake Spreading Christmas Cheer Campaign to help families in need over the holidays. 

This year, they have been able to raise thousands of dollars to bring gifts to 11 families in the Inland Northwest. 

“I just praise Jesus that we are able to do this and that our community rallies around these people,” Merrifield said. “It is just magical.” 

As the two women shared a hug, both of their spirits brightened. Wheeler said the group brings relief and their hard work is a blessing. 

“It’s going to be one for the record books, I think,” Wheeler said. 

The deliveries are not over just yet. They will continue throughout the week to make sure all 11 of those families have gifts under the tree. 

Learn more about the group and how you can get involved by sending them a Facebook message here

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