‘It just makes our life’: Kids trick-or-treat at Spokane Valley senior center

Time is a funny thing. One day, you’re trick-or-treating. The next, you’re the one passing out the candy and before you know it, 96 Halloween nights have passed and the holiday may feel like a thing of the past — unless you’re 96-year-old Jean Norton.

“Oh my… It’s a thrill. Yeah, it really is,” Norton said. “It just takes you back. It just takes you back to the days when you did that same thing that their mothers are doing now.”

For the last four years, Norton and her friends have handed out candy to trick-or-treaters at their home — which just so happens to be the Brighton Court Assisted Living Center.

“It’s hard to describe it because it’s so perfect! It just makes our life and makes our day,” Norton said. “It brings back memories of our own grandchildren and great grandchildren, which I have two now.”

Norton’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all grown now. Now, every Halloween, she gets to turn back the clock.

“They’re having such a good time and it just makes so much fun for us, too,” Norton said. “I just think children are so wonderful.”

Norton may not have this experience every year if it weren’t for activities director Laurie Awbery.

“It makes them feel young again… Just kind of puts a spark in them that they don’t get very often,” Awbery said. “I’m super emotional, but like, just to see that brings — almost tears to my eyes. My heart is just overflowing.”

Norton’s heart was overflowing too — with every piece of candy she passed out to kids from the Northeast Youth Center.

“Now I don’t think too far ahead,” Norton said. “But, I only hope that maybe I can be here next year to take part in all of this again.”


Okay, crazy turn of events here because my aunt just called to inform me that Jean is actually MY UNCLE’S AUNT. SO WE ARE RELATED. https://t.co/Clkz5jKCLi

— Taylor Graham (@TaylorKXLY) November 1, 2019